3 ways to earn money via affiliate marketing in 2020

3 ways to earn money via affiliate marketing in 2020

Creating content marketing strategies, working on the content, link building, promotion, email campaigns, etc. all take tremendous effort and time to start showing results. If you are looking for more specific info on these topics, I suggest checking out this affilate maketing guide with more advanced topics.

However, the process can be fast-tracked a bit using paid advertisements.

Note: Paid ads are not a replacement for organic growth, but it helps to have a paid ads strategy while you’re working on your content.

It’s wrong to think that once you create a stellar ad, write the perfect copy, and target the right keywords, the money will start rolling in.

Even though that’s how it works in theory, practically there are a lot of hurdles that come in the way.

The greatest problem with paid ads is that you are targeting a cold audience with zero buying intent. Moreover, you have not yet built your trust with the people to ask for a purchase.

Therefore, a practical paid ads strategy is crucial for success.

Here are a few considerations:

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