7 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Boost Your Income – MailerLite

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Boost Your Income – MailerLite

Partner tip: Jason Whaling, Founder of ACT Marketing

“Something that is easy for affiliates to miss is keeping their content and promotions “problem” centered instead of “product” focused.

A promotional blog post, email, or YouTube video (our favorite) should be valuable to the end viewer even if there were no affiliate links. We see many affiliate promotions fall flat because they are so focused on selling instead of demonstrating.

Take our promotions of MailerLite, for example. When we create a promotion, we start with a problem our audience has, such as building a high converting landing page or converting email subscribers into customers. Our videos can go 3-5 minutes before our MailerLite call to action is introduced.

This ensures using the MailerLite recommendation feels like a natural progression to achieving the end-result the viewer actually wants as opposed to a blatant promotion. When an email, blog post, or video isn’t genuinely designed to help people, viewers can sense it, and that erodes trust in the recommendation. That trust is vital for link clicks. 

Sure, you may get a few people clicking your link following the “buy this now” approach, but you’re going to be hard-pressed to build an audience of people who will trust you the next time you have a recommendation. 

Here’s a quick round-up of what we would recommend to new affiliate marketers:

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