Attention all Online Marketers – Tonys Money and Affiliate Marketing

Attention all Online Marketers – Tonys Money and Affiliate Marketing

Here’s A Few Ways BuildRedirects Can Increase Your Profits

Everyone Who Clicks Your Link Is A Potential Customer So Why Not Treat Them That Way? You should “always be optimizing” your revenue potential from each click that you generate. Tools like IP rotation, Geo-Targeting, Mobile Browser Redirection, and “link funnels” allow you to control exactly what people see based on a number of important criteria. The time is NOW to start EARNING MORE from each click.

Never Lose Money Because Of Dead Links. You Can Forget about Losing Money Just Because An Affiliate Offer Or Page Goes Down…Thousands of dollars are lost every year when websites go down. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, ecommerce store owner, product developer, blogger or solo ad provider when the page you’re promoting goes down you lose money. That all ends when you use BuildRedirects. The software will check your links throughout the day to ensure you never send traffic to a dead page. If it detect a page is down it will notify you and optionally you can re-route all of your traffic to any backup offer you choose. It’s SIMPLE to use and it SAVES you money.

Amazing Real-Time Statistics. Easy To Understand Robust Reports Let You See Exactly What Your Traffic Is Doing And Where You’re Earning Your Money.

Traffic stats are normally confusing! You’ll find the reporting in BuildRedirects to be one of the easiest and most customizable on the market. You can create Link Reports, Offer Reports, Browser Reports and more! With one click of the mouse you can save those reports so you can always view them at a later date. Traffic is the LIFELINE of your business. The Reports show you EXACTLY what you need to know in order to earn more money from every click.

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