Getting real about affiliate marketing and my blog – %

Getting real about affiliate marketing and my blog – %

There’s a problem.

I’m going to turn my virtual chair around and sit backward to indicate that things are about to get real. Here’s the thing; I don’t think I can be the type of blogger I want to be, and have a day job. Am I ready to quit my job? Not yet.

I see now that my plan to bring in a little extra income with affiliate marketing has a flaw. I don’t have time to generate the amount of content necessary to build a large following. But, if I expect people to spend money at Cricut, Amazon, and Grammarly, I need to have more eyes on my blog. 

What to do?

I have two options.

I think the second option is the better one. It will give me something to work for. I’ll definitely do more Cricut projects if there’s a chance that I might make a few bucks. Also, I want to start making videos about Cricut stuff one day. There I go again with big ideas!

Don’t worry!

My advice to myself and to anyone in a similar situation is not to worry. You enjoy blogging. Don’t pressure yourself so much that it stops being pleasurable. I’m going to imagine myself as a success and wait for reality to catch up. Also, put in the work.


I installed the Yoast SEO plugin a couple of days ago. Maybe it will help me to get more readers.

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