Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – My Review – Blogging to Build

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – My Review – Blogging to Build

It’s a beautiful sunny day here, not a cloud in the sky. So I headed outside for the chaos we call, playtime with Dallas!Dallas the Boxer dog
For those who don’t know, Dallas (that’s him to the right) is our 3 year old Boxer.

After spending 5 minutes calming his excitement, I decided to do some obedience training. Of course, after this always comes play time!
Play time would’ve gone all day, if it was up to Dallas, but I was exhausted.

As we worked our way through the obedience skills, a thought hit me.

Bloody hell – What a great team we are!

Ever since he was a pup, people have doubted his ability to master obedience but Dallas is now an obedience trial dog.

Our success was boosted by learning from the best local dog trainer (Thank you Jan).

With tips and hacks only the best know, we’ve achieved what many thought was impossible, an obedient Boxer!

Learning from the Best:

So what’s this got to do with blogging?

In the last couple of months, I’ve been working on affiliate marketing. I’ve read hundreds of articles and tried new strategies, but had no money to show for it all!

I really needed a better strategy.

Looking back, I realised, the best dog trainer brought me great results, so what I needed was the help of the best Affiliate Marketer.

Enter Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, (Owner of “Making Sense of Cents“).
I’d regularly seen reviews for her “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” course.

With results like hers, (click here for her last Income Report) I knew this was right for me.

After I completed “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” I wanted to help others who were considering its benefits.
So this is my full review of the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course – do enjoy!

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