Minor Chocolate: Split’s Great Adventure TV Commercial (Boost+)

Minor Chocolate: Split’s Great Adventure TV Commercial (Boost+)

Swiss chocolate company Minor wanted a fairy tale-like commercial for their product. For the Swiss agency Boutiq, we came up with the concept and storyboard and hired Colorbleed to create the films and show how Split (the squirrel) brings the nuts to the chocolate factory.

“Chocolate Brand Minor comes to our screens in the form of a photo-real CG red squirrel and a story set in a world of luscious forests, mountain meadows and breathtaking alpine lakes.

In the 65’ TV spot, we follow our squirrel Split, as he runs through the forest catching nuts with velvet cushions, rows across a vast mountain lakes and chips hazel nuts into the chocolate factory with a golf club. Set to an epic score by Paul Shapera, the end of the spot reveals that, in the finest of Minor tradition, the squirrel and his forefathers have been instrumental in crafting and perfecting the quality of the beloved Minor candy bar. Thus the new log line for the 100 year old brand, “Created by true nut lovers”

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