Lily’s Sweets Chocolate Bar Creamy Milk, 3 oz – Case of 12

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Velvety smooth, melt-in-your mouth, milk chocolate richness makes our Creamy Milk bars a favorite of chocolate lovers everywhere. Lily’s is made with rich, stevia-sweetened chocolate with no added sugar. Since it’s sweetened with the all-natural, botanical sweetener, stevia, there’s no need to stop at one square.Stevia SweetenedAll NaturalNon-GMO


  • NO SUGAR: Lily’s Sweets Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar is made with stevia instead of sugar to provide a guilt free sweet treat
  • REAL CHOCOLATE: The bars are made with real unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter to give you a premium chocolate taste
  • ALL NATURAL: Lily’s Chocolate Bars are always made with all natural ingredients without GMO’s
  • Low carb: Made without sugar and sweetened with natural ingredients these bars are a low carb alternative to traditional chocolate bars
  • 12 Pack: Keep your sweet tooth at bay while still enjoying the delicious, creamy taste of Lily’s Sweets Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar