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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Author Christi Johnstone Ingredients cup butter softened cup sugar cup brown sugar eggs teaspoon vanilla 3 1/4 cups flour packages or 3/4 cups hot cocoa mix – NOT SUGAR FREE VERSIONS teaspoon salt teaspoon baking soda teaspoon baking powder cup chocolate chips cup Mallow Bits or Freeze Dried Marshmallows mini marshmallows do not work the same and can be a bit of a sticky mess Instructions Beat butter and sugars in large bowl with standing mixer until light and fluffy, approximately 2-3 minutes. Add eggs and vanilla; mix well. In a [...]


Probar Core 12-Count Box

“Blissful organic cocoa and rich chocolate layered into this incredibly delicious protein bar will energize your tastebuds. PROBAR® maintains a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste by creating delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based organic food products from Non-GMO sources.” Features 20g of PLANT PROTEIN per Serving (See Nutrition Information on package for total fat and saturated fat content.) 5g FIBER: Helps to keep you satisfied longer CHIA AND FLAX SEEDS: Sources of OMEGA-3 fatty acids and natural fiber. GLUTEN-FREE: Safe, sustainably-sourced ingredients [...]