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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

Chocolate chip cookie bowls are a fun way to eat ice cream, and make a great dessert idea for hot summer nights. They are really easy to make, especially with King Arthur’s “Everyone’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix,” which only requires butter and an egg. If you have a stand mixer, just add the mix, butter and egg, then mold the dough over an upside down muffin pan. Bake the cookie bowls the same as [...]


8 Healthy-ish Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes – Health

Feel-good chocolate chip cookie recipes Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Whether you prefer them crispy or chewy, just a whiff of cookies straight out of the oven is enough to make your mouth start watering. And while old-school chocolate chip cookie recipes tend to be full of unhealthy fats and tons of sugar, Health … Read More