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Great news! Chocolate milk takes first place for best post-workout drink. | Seattle Refined

Looking for an excuse to add more chocolate into your New Year’s resolution? We’ve got the ultimate way! Research shows that chocolate milk is “optimal for exercise recovery” and that athletes could push longer and harder when drinking chocolate milk over other popular sports drinks. As it turns out, this powerful beverage has the perfect ratio of carbohydrates and protein to stimulate muscle protein repair and growth. This content was originally published here. [...]


Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles

I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles!! Because it’s the holidays and you can’t have too many cookies! That’s what I keep telling myself. That and that shouldn’t weigh myself until the holidays are over. ugh! I had originally planning on making waffled chocolate chip cookies. But that was a big bust! Ugh! I totally ruined them. I made Phoebe Buffay favorite cookie recipe and then tried cooking that in the waffle iron but the dough was too wet and soft [...]