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Chocolate Scene ? + BONUS Freak Out Moments #TBT | SpongeBob

Did you say Chocolate? CHOCOLATE?! ? Well now that we have you right where we want you, why don’t you watch this classic SpongeBob moment? Be sure to watch the entire video to see even MORE fan favorite freak out moments from SpongeBob. Which freak out moment was your favorite? Comment below! ►► Subscribe for More: https://at.nick.com/SpongeBobSubscribe ►► Watch More from SpongeBob SquarePants: https://at.nick.com/NewSpongeBobVideos ►► Nickelodeon on YouTube: https://at.nick.com/Nick ►► Watch More from NickRewind: https://at.nick.com/NewRewindVideos ►► What’s On TV? : [...]


Chocolate Covered Strawberries Valentine’s Day Recipe ?Butterbean’s Café | Nick Jr.

This chocolate strawberry ladybugs recipe is perfect for pairs who want to make something simple but sweet on Valentine’s Day! The recipe is below!! Find more creative recipes and full episodes of ‘Butterbean’s Café’, weekday mornings on Nickelodeon, and everywhere you find Nick Jr. Butterbean’s Cafe Heart Lemonade and Strawberry Ladybugs Yield: 1 Pitcher Lemonade and 8 ladybugs Active Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 2 ½ hours Ingredients: For Lemonade: 1 ½ cups superfine sugar 2 cups water ½ cup strawberries ½ cup [...]