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Welcome to Chocolate SOS! Chocolate SOS is a chocolate lover’s paradise. Here on www.ChocolateSOS.com you’ll find chocolates to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Please feel free to shop in the Chocolate SOS Store – where we offer wonderful and delicious gift ideas! In addition, please sign up to receive our very informative blog posts. Thank you enjoy! https://www.chocolatesos.com


ChocolateSOS Announces its Sponsorship for MathQED with All of its Profits’ Proceeds

NEW ORLEANS, July 14, 2016 — ChocolateSOS, a website offering an assortment of chocolate products and top-notch information about chocolate, announced today it will be using all of its proceeds of the profits of ChocolateSOS to finance MathQED. Notable to MathQED is its commitment to positive educational change, helping students in grades K-12 and College with their mathematics homework and test preparation. Having understood that some students may not be gifted using math along the lines [...]