The Best Affiliate Marketing Software for Dating | Affise

The Best Affiliate Marketing Software for Dating | Affise

Dating is still one of the most attractive areas for affiliate marketing. Experts working in online dating noted that this vertical had seen a significant increase in the audience and time spent on the products due to the coronavirus global pandemic. In addition to this, even the payment power of these services’ users didn’t experience a severe decline.

We often have conversations with the industry’s best representatives, including affiliate networks that deal with online dating vertical. So we know for sure that one of the essential components of success in affiliate marketing is the right choice of a technological solution.

Without further ado, we will explain to you what the best affiliate marketing software for online dating vertical should be.

Dating affiliate marketers should be able to manage multiple landing pages within a single offer. Several referral links will allow partners to choose where to send traffic. Alternatively, the system can also distribute traffic depending on the settings for payments or ban traffic sources for your campaigns.

Reports and statistics design will enable you to analyze and compare the performance of multiple landing pages within one offer. You can then upload your creatives, split the traffic, and make A/B tests to see which strategy performs better.

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