Top Tools to Scale Up Your Affiliate Marketing Journey | Affise

Top Tools to Scale Up Your Affiliate Marketing Journey | Affise

This tool is best for: Conducting competitive research. 

Description: allows you to evaluate competitor analytics and online marketing strategy. With this tool, you can get an overview of your competitor referral traffic, as well as the sources they send traffic. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can also use this tool to your advantage. 

The research solution allows you to get a better insight into your competitors, and target audience by looking at which media channels they utilize most. 

Comprehensive audience demographics give users a solid idea of who is interacting with their content. 

SimilarWeb also allows you to compare your own websites directly with your competitors. This gives you the ability to identify gaps and create stronger strategies for your audience. 

Pricing: SimilarWeb is great for those of you just starting out because it offers a totally free tool, but they also offer a paid plan for enterprise level business. 

The free plan gives you a month of mobile app data, three months of web traffic data, and five results per metric. If you want to upgrade, an enterprise package can be created specifically for your needs. 

Working with affiliate marketers can be a lucrative option for many businesses, but it’s a lot to manage. A tool like Affise can make this process much easier and more effective in the long run. 

Pricing:  Affise offers plans starting at $299 per month which includes everything you need to successfully manage ad campaigns for your small business. 

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