We all know eating chocolate makes you smile, but Witor’s Smiley chocolate can put the kind of smile on your face that lasts well beyond when the chocolate’s been eaten. For Easter 2016, Witor’s launched delicious treats to spread more joy and happiness through two unique and scrumptious chocolate egg variations.

Witor’s mission has always been that of sharing their passion for chocolate with their own consumers, offering quality and innovative products for all tastes that can be eaten for both special occasions and as a little treat for the day.

As well as a delectable milk chocolate egg, its packaging adorned in bright, yellow Smileys and a multitude of fun expressions to suit any mood, Witor’s released a range of mini eggs, half of which were milk chocolate with a milk cream and cereal filling, and the other half, white chocolate eggs with a hazelnut cream filling. These new chocolates were unique and tasty, if only they were around all year long!

The two chocolate egg treats also came with a bonus Smiley treat: a free Smiley plush key ring with the chocolate egg, and four stickers with the mini eggs. Smiley and Witor’s have created something to keep a smile last forever.

For Easter 2017, Witors have released a new selection of deliciously chocolatey eggs in a fun range of expressions. Check them out!

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