You know, what kind of chocolate sharpens vision

You know, what kind of chocolate sharpens vision

People who desperately are glasses can relax. American scientists have found an alternative way to return to the vision sharpness. The collective efforts of the staff of the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio found that flavonols contained in dark chocolate are able to restore sight.

To confirm their theory, the researchers used in their experiments volunteers. They offered 30 healthy people to eat a small amount of dark and milk chocolate. After a couple of hours each of them tested. All volunteers were asked to check using standard tables with the image of characters.

The test showed that those volunteers who ate dark chocolate were more watchful than fans of a product with a predominance of milk. In addition to beneficial effects on vision, flavonols in dark chocolate increase blood flow to the nervous system, improve heart function and help to slow down the destruction of brain cells.


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